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How To:-

How to remove an old door and replace with a new Palladio composite door


If you have recently decided to replace your existing front door with a brand new composite door from us (https://compositedoorspvcwindows.ie)you should have a good look at our installation video. This will help give you confidence in fitting it quickly and simply without doing damage to the house or the door.  Our composite door installation video should provide you with all the information you need to get the job done.

DO NOT attempt to start your project before undertaking your pre-fitting checks. MEASURE TWICE FIT ONCE.  You will need to check everything, the size, (VITAL) the colour, the handles, hinges and locks, fitting brackets, screws, and sealants are present, and that the design is what you ordered, and that the door has arrived without any damage, no point doing this when your old door is out.

Recommended tools

Stanley knife
Saw/angle grinder
Rubber mallet
Tape measure
Fixing Cleats

Fixing Packers
Spirit level
Silicone gun
Foam Sealant

Ensure that all of the area is clean and free from any materials that can be in the way, (flower pots, etc), then, depending on if you are trying to salvage the old door or just removing any way possible, you can either ensure the fitting screws are removed carefully or, cut through the door frame and remove them in several parts.

Clean away any old sealant, screws, nails, and other debris from the opening. This will allow for a solid door installation, without damaging the door or the opening (aperture), as well as making sure the new door works correctly. you can see from our video that our lads had to use a bolster and persuader to ensure that the old concrete from the previous original fitting was cleared. (good old corporation)

You will need to put the frame into the opening (aperture) to check that it fits and that it can be squared, it is advisable to order our fixing packs and also packers, (packers must be fitted where the fixing screws are to ensure it stays solid)(https://doorandwindowparts.ie/product/flat-packers-mixed-pack-windows-door-100-per-bag/) this will ensure that you have a completely level and square frame in the opening. You will need to use wedges to ensure the door does not move and check the plumb every few minutes as even a slight movement when the frame is fitted before final brackets are secure can throw the whole frame off square and your door will not open and close properly.

Make sure that corner fixings are between 150mm and 250mm in from the external corner, and that transom fixings are between 150mm and 250mm from the centre lines. Your centre fixings should not be any more than 600mm apart.

Drill holes into the frame to secure the frame with fixing brackets from our set. Follow this link to buy: https://doorandwindowparts.ie/product/window-door-fitting-clips-brackets-straps/
Ensuring to research the profile of the door you are fitting and request the fitting guideline from there or your seller, proceed to drill holes into the frame and secure it to the brickwork with frame fixing screws (if concrete use concrete screws, if wood use non-corrosion screws which are at least 100mm in length and should be able to reach at least 50mm into the concrete/wood.blocks. recheck the plumb and straight line. TOP TIP:  do not over tighten the screws as this will pull the frame and can bend or skew it and the door may not work properly.

Apply low expanding foam filler to fill all around the edges to give an airtight finish, once this is dry you can remove excess with a stanley knife. once this has been done you should clean around the area again, and ensure that you have a clear surface to finish, once this is done use a mastic gun to apply silicone to match your door frame to fully protect it from the weather and elements

Once the door is installed into the frame, you can then make any adjustments necessary for the door to open and close tightly and easily. TOP TIP: do not allow the silicone to enter any of the drainage channels in your door.

the final step is to install your trimmings, once any concrete or brickwork has been tidied up or redone and touchups dried you can apply your matching trimmings, to give you door that amazing and professional looking finish.  Take care and enjoy your door

Watch the video for this installation HERE and HERE

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