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DBest PVC Window Installation video:-How to install a new pvc window:- New PVC window installation.

Have you decided that you would like to fit your new PVC window yourself, but don’t know how? this step by step guide will show you how to remove your old window and fit the new one.  However, the most important step is ensuring that the new window will fit within the aperture (opening) of the old window – therefore it is vital that the measurements are taken in 3 places heights and width, and an average taken, this needs to have 10mm taken off it to ensure a smooth fit with the aperture. Remember, measure twice, fit once.

Tools required:-

Safety Gloves and Goggles
Tape Measure (metric)
Rubber mallet
Rubber handle hammer
Masonry Chisel
Phillips screwdriver
Spirit Level
Hand Drill (electric or cordless)
Hammer Drill
Drill bits: 3mm Pilot drill, 8mm HSS drill, 8mm Masonry Drill, 5mm Clearance
Foam gun
Persuader (type lever)

The video is explanatory so sit back and watch.  You can access any of our pages below: from repairs to parts to windows and doors, we cover all aspects of the window and door trade.

How to install a new composite door – remove an old door and replace it with a new composite door.


If you have recently decided to replace your existing front door with a brand new composite door from us (https://compositedoorspvcwindows.ie)you should have a good look at our installation video. This will help give you confidence in fitting it quickly and simply without doing damage to the house or the door.  Our composite door installation video should provide you with all the information you need to get the job done.

DO NOT attempt to start your project before undertaking your pre-fitting checks. MEASURE TWICE FIT ONCE.  You will need to check everything, the size, (VITAL) the colour, the handles, hinges and locks, fitting brackets, screws, and sealants are present, and that the design is what you ordered, and that the door has arrived without any damage, no point doing this when your old door is out.

Recommended tools

Stanley knife
Saw/angle grinder
Rubber mallet
Tape measure
Fixing cleats/brackets/straps
Spirit level
Silicone gun
Foam Sealant

Palladio Composite Door Security Testing

Palladio Security Testing on their doors shows how strong and impregnable they actually are, watch how it stands up to the most rigorous and severe testing to show how safe and secure they are in protecting your home and your family.   Palladio Composite Doors. Prices from €1400.00

Palladio doors are not only highly secure they are also durable. The door is made with polyurethane glass fiber reinforced and is layered with an ABS thermal plastic sheet with true colour and finished with a Renolit foil finish. this means it is colour fast, meaning it will not fade EVER, no need to paint it. It has added security and the outer frame is reinforced with galvanised steel and a locking mechanism comprising of two linear bolts, two hooks, two rollers combined with a com latch and a deadbolt and four custom-built, strong Palladio hinges finish it off. The glazing is toughened throughout the frame and panels giving you a beautiful, secure, and safe door.

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Do you need PVC Repairs?

D’Best PVC Repairs and Maintenance.  We supply and fit uPVC windows and doors. We repair uPVC windows and doors, composite door repairs, window and door handles, window and door hinges, draught seals & gaskets, broken glass and broken windows, tilt and turn windows, window mechanisms, door locking mechanism, foggy & misted glass, window mechanisms, window espags.

We also seal draughts in doors, drafts in windows, sell secure locks, fit letterboxes & espagnolettes, we replace patio door rollers & runners & sliding door gears. We also supply and fit sliding door runners & French doors repaired

DIY Door and Window Parts for sale

We sell all types of PVC window parts, tilt and turn window parts, wooden and aluminium doors, pvc doors, and composite door parts including: window locks, window handles, window hinges, window seals, window mechanisms, window receivers, window child safety restrictors, door locks, door handles, door hinges, door mechanisms, door receivers, door draft seals, letterboxes, door wind restrictors, patio door locks, patio door wheels, patio door runners, patio door draft seal, French door locks, French door handles, French door hinges, French door wind restrictors, French door draft seals, and much more.